MARI Testimonials

Look what other students have to say about their MARI training:

"I have been training with Mike and May for the last 4+ years. The workouts are extremely challenging both on a physical and mental level. The arts we study are complex but Mike and May find way to teach them in a way that all levels and ages can grasp. I have found the experience of learning under and with Mike/May to be a very positive journey which I hope to continue for a life time."
~ Erik Neenan

"From the first day I walked in the door at MARI, Mike and May Williams made me feel like a welcome guest in the their home. The training is like nothing else in this area(and I've been to most of it). But more than that, I feel like when I met Mike and May and the other students that the atmosphere was almost as if I'd extened my family."
~ Andy Moynihan

"MARI training helps me be strong and good at martial arts."
~ Kim Nguyen AGE 7

"MARI training helps me defend myself. It also helps me be in shape and be flexible and strong in mind."
~ Michelle Sauvageau AGE 8

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