Guro Steve Jones

I began studying martial arts in 1992 when a school opened in the small Maine town where I grew up. I began studying Kempo, earning my black belt in four years while attending the University of Maine. While at university I met and trained with students and instructors of various martial arts. This type of collaborative training had a huge impact on my martial arts background.

After graduation, I relocated to Beverly, Massachusetts where I began studying Ed Parker’s American Kenpo with Stephen Gelin at the North Shore Karate Academy. I began my training as a white belt, seeking to learn this new system from the ground up. I studied with Mr. Gelin for six years, earning a third-degree black belt and becoming a senior instructor at the North Shore Karate Academy. After Mr. Gelin’s untimely passing in 2001, I began training a group of Mr. Gelin’s former students who wished to continue their training. I was fortunate to continue training these students for two more years, when they successfully earned their ranks of black belt.

In 2002 I was introduced to Michael and May Williams. I immediately recognized Michael and May’s skill, but it was their integrity and commitment that convinced me that I had found a new martial arts path to explore.

Now, nine years later, Michael and May Williams as well as the other Guros, instructors and students at the Martial Arts Research Institute are like my family. The atmosphere of collaborative learning with strict adherence to principles of the arts is the core of what I was looking for when I started training. I look forward to continuing to learn and train at the Martial Arts Research Institute

~ Steve Jones, Guro Martial Arts Research Institute
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