Guro Patrick Hartigan

Guro Patrick Hartigan has been with the Martial Arts Research Institute for many years as one of the first and earliest students. Training alongside as a contemporary and also senior to Guro Michael Williams in the Korean system of Soo Bahk Do, Guro Hartigan began training at MARI with the Williams family in the Arts of Southeast Asia two decades ago.

Guro Hartigan has been a fixture at MARI from its beginning giving other students inspiration and advice from his deep knowledge which he has accumulated from his diverse background and Martial Arts training experience. He continually researches the many aspects of other combat systems as well as those in which he trains. Guro Hartigan breadth of knowledge is a special benefit to the students and teachers of MARI. The students and teachers always have a reputable source of answers to questions they may have dealing with their training.

Guro Hartigan continues to upgrade his specific skill set training at MARI as well as training with Guru/Sifu Wesley Tasker in the system of Kuntao Silat De Thouars.
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