Guro John Savage
"Pendekar Muda"

Trained in the Philippines and Indonesia

Guro John Savage has a long history of Martial Arts training beginning as a young child when first exposed to Kyushinryu Jujutsu. He comes from a Martial Arts family. Both brothers being notable New England area Martial Artist, the name Savage has long been associated with Martial Arts in the area. In 1977 Guro Savage founded the United Kyushinryu Kenpo Jujutsu Federation for the purpose of establishing an organization where like minded Martial Artist could train together and share their knowledge. It was established as a way in which to preserve the early teachings and training ethics of his first instructors.

After spending more than a decade training in Kyushinryu Jujutsu and Okinawan, Kenpo Guro Savage began training in American Kenpo. In the mid 70's he began teaching. While in college Guro Savage trained with the Shotokan Karate Club and also trained in Fencing. By the early 80's he was a full time instructor teaching as a profession. Through the 80's and early 90's Guro Savage traveled through Central America, studied, researched and taught other martial disciplines. He was a licensed firearms dealer, served in the United States Army, taught Law Enforcement and a contingent of the Special Forces. In addition he has been certified as an instructor in Small Arms.

In the early 90's Guro Savage began to gain interest in Southeast Asian Fighting Arts after participating in several seminars. At this time he began looking for a teacher in the New England area to train with. Teaching privately at his home Dojo and publicly at East Coast Karate in Lynn Guro Savage spent most of the 90's teaching and training in his traditional Jujutsu system.

In 2001 Guro Savage had the good fortune to meet Guro Michael and Guro May Williams at a Cabales Sirada seminar. At this time Guro Savage began to take private classes in the System of Pin Sun Wing Chun from Guro Williams. At some point he began to train at Guro Williams home where he began to study other disciplines.

Since that time Guro Savage has been training with the Williams and has regularly traveled with them to Southeast Asia where they train with the Grandmasters of their systems. In 2005 Guro Savage was given Instructor credentials in Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali by Grandmaster Jerson "Nene" Tortal while training in the Philippines. It was around the same time period that Guro Savage received his title of Guro at the Martial Arts Research Institute.

As well as Dekiti Tirsia Siradas Kali Guro Savage trains with Bapak Willem Dethouars in Kuntao Silat Dethouars, has the title of Pendekar Muda with the Harimau Pasaman Minangkabau Pencak Silat Baringin Sakti organization under Grandmaster Edward Lebe of Indonesia.
Guro Savage is the official public relations representative to Baringin Sakti in the United States. Guro Savage also trains with Grandmasters Abraham and Sabas Gubaton of Oido De Caburata Arnis while staying in the Philippines. Guro Savage also trains in the system of Kendang with Guru Michael Williams.

Guro Savage currently teaches private classes as well group classes at the Martial Arts Research Institute in Salem, Massachusetts. He also has a teaching curriculum where he teaches Kenpo and Jujutsu on a private basis.

"My love for the Southeast Asian culture and their Arts has truly had an impact on my life"

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