Guro Jeff Jones

Guro Jeff Jones began his Martial Arts training in the style of Uechi-Ryu from 1970 to 1973. It was at this time that he began training in Kenpo at the United Studios of Self Defense in Peabody, MA under Cal Carozzi. He worked out there until 2006 shortly before that school moved from Peabody, MA to Salem, MA.

In 2007 Guro Jones witnessed Guro Mike Williams at a seminar being sponsored by the World Martial Arts Federation. He was impressed with how straight forward and effective the material was and how well Guro Williams interacted. Currently Guro Jones trains primarily in the Kali and Silat systems taught here at MARI.

"I built a small training center in 2002 on my farm where a few fellow practitioners come to share and continue training. Training is something I can't imagine not being part of my future. I've spent the last 45 years training, hopefully I'll be able to train for another 30 years GOD willing" ~ Guro Jeff Jones

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