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Martial Arts Research Institute ~ Homepage

NOTE: On November 19, 2016 Guro Michael Williams recieved the title of "Pendekar Utama" from
Grandmaster Edward Lebe of Harimau Pasaman Minangkabau Pencak Silat
Baringin Sakti Indonesia while training in the Philippines.
Also receiving title was Guro May Williams and Guro John Savage, both
whom received the title "Pendekar Muda"

The Williams Family has a long history of martial and healing arts, dating back three generations. Michael and May Williams met while training in the Philippines, and in 1996 they established the Arts of Southeast Asia Filipino, Indonesian and Chinese Martial & Healing Arts organization. Mike and May travel and organize trips to Southeast Asia to meet and train with different grandmasters.

~ Guro Michael Williams, Chief Instructor Martial Arts Research Institute